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Mischa Bense: do what you are good at.

This website will provide you with more information about my services, areas of expertise and my "BDC | The Brand vs Dream Challenge" concept. I have worked with a variety of clients, varying in both size and budget. Here you can see for yourself how I work and for whom...

Central to my working method is a well-balanced combination of understanding, strategy, creativity and passion, which ensures that successful relationships arise between “brands” and target groups.

My versatility allows me to not only provide design services to my own clients but often also to be called upon by other agencies and bodies in order to assist them as an independent designer or consultant in optimizing their work. This is only possible thanks to my ample experience and flexibility.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me for an informal meeting.

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Vision and Insight
Success is a matter of feeling.

The Challenge
My working method and approach involve taking on the challenge of recognizing and realizing the commercial “dreams”. I carry out a constructive examination, investigate the potential lying dormant below the surface, and transform this latent energy into the most ideal branding.

The Art of Insight
There is an art to acquiring an insight into what is actually driving a process. From a realistic perspective. Because the observer has his own reality; he experiences it in his own personal way. But the first impression is always unwitting: it takes a split second. For me, it is all to do with getting to grips with that ‘flash’ decision; in order to personally either determine or control the emotional conditioning of the "product", which is also referred to as the emotional colouring.

It is these principles that I love to apply in my work and services. Not only providing quality designs, but also gaining an in-depth insight, and translating that into realistic solutions for the ideal method of communication. For me it is about vitalizing the image and subtly gearing that to the (dream) targets, but with the desired result in mind. Of course within the budget, deadlines and ... with personal contact.



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  • Concept development

  • Mood boards

  • Try-outs for new business

  • Magazines

  • Web concepts

  • Banner development


  • Visual identity

  • Corporate Identity

  • Annual reports e.g

  • Retail communication

  • Brochures / flyers

  • Campaigns / advertising

  • Web design

  • Art Direction

  • Project coordination

  • Monitoring website identity
  • Analysis

  • 2nd opinion in design

  • Implementing new visual identity
  • SEO





"Listen carefully to the client and try to comprehend what he really wants ... Often the briefing is about something else. Because of that, often difficulties will arise at the first presentation ... So help him!"

Oliver Krause
OKMedia Germany


"Clients are rightfully very demanding. If you don't satisfy them, somebody else will. If you have good insight into what drives your clients, you can provide better work and services. You can achieve that by not only listening, but also through interaction: begin a dialogue and start working on a relationship."

Marketingfacts / platform for interactive marketing
  • Brochures/flyers
  • visual identity
  • Corporate identity
  • web design
  • retail communication
  • project coordination


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